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The five sections of Part Four provide auxiliary material to make your use of Sentence Sense as easy and efficient as possible.

The Special Instructions page offers directions on how to navigate through the chapters, pages, applications, etc. of Sentence Sense, and instructions on how to take the different kinds of applications that you run across within the text.

The ESL Tips are observations about English that are of particular use to students whose native language is not English. Some of these tips may be interesting to native English-speakers also. The tips are linked to sections of Chapters 2-7 where special language problems may arise. Here in Part IV you can skim through all the tips, looking for points that are helpful for you.

The list of Charts and Tables reproduces charts that are sprinkled throughout the book. Here, though, you can click on PRINT and reproduce the page (usually on one sheet of paper), thus making it easier to review or giving you something to have in hand as you work through various applications. The charts and tables are organized by the chapters to which they pertain. If you have printed the Study Guide, you will find these charts and tables there, also.

The table of Other Internet Resources is a list of free, public, and easily accessible materials on the Internet about English grammar and usage. Most of these resources are maintained by individuals in the academic realm. The authors of Sentence Sense, however, make no guarantee regarding their consistent availability or authenticity.

The Search Engine page relies on a AtomZ Search Engine that will allow you to look up grammatical terms and issues.