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All sentences and questions in English must include a subject. The only exception is the command, where it is not necessary to state the subject, which is always "you."
  • Migdalia is playing the tuba. (Statement)
  • Is she playing the tuba? (Question)
  • (__) Play that tuba! (Command; you is the omitted subject)
Here are some sentences that contain a tricky subject:
  • It is fun to play the tuba.
  • It is hard for kids to handle that huge instrument.
  • It was a lot of work for Migdalia.
  • It could have been a nightmare for her mother.
In these sentences, the subject, it, doesn't mean anything without the help of other words in the sentence, so some students are tempted to skip such a vague subject entirely. Resist this temptation. Check each sentence that you write to make sure that you have included a word in the subject position (unless your sentence gives a command).

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