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Questions change the normal English order of subject and verb. In most English questions, the subject comes after an auxiliary verb or a form of the verb to be. This is true even when the question begins with a question word. The only exception occurs when a question word asks about the subject of the sentence. Watch how these sentences change when they become questions:
My house IS on the corner.IS my house on the corner?
Where IS my house?
*What IS on the corner?
Jill's dogs BARK at dawn. DO Jill's dogs BARK at dawn?
When DO Jill's dogs BARK?
*Whose dogs BARK at dawn?
Mack IS GOING home.IS Mack GOING home?
Where IS Mack GOING?
*Who IS GOING home?
The questions with stars (*) above are about the subjects of the original sentences, so they show the one exception to the rule. Whenever you write an English question, check to be sure that your subject comes after an auxiliary verb unless it deserves this exception.

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