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16.4 Techniques for Writing: Giving Examples and Explanations

Giving examples and explanations helps your reader understand what has led you to a conclusion. Whenever you're writing, imagine a reader asking constantly, "What makes you say that?" "What do you mean?" If you heard that question in conversation, you'd probably answer, "Well, for instance. . . " and then you would give an example. You need to give examples in writing, too. Here are some statements that could lead readers to ask those questions:
  • Fruit is good for you.
  • People who live together fight sometimes.
  • Reading enriches your life.
An example may offer further information, a general statement to a specific, or tell a story. Its purpose is to tie your idea to other ideas that everyone recognizes, proving that you know what you're talking about and encouraging your readers to stay on the path of your thought.

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Apply this technique to your writing: Look at the topic sentence you've written about your leisure time activity. Support that main idea with examples and explanations.

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