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chapter 16 Techniques for Writing

Inside This Chapter

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  1. Your Writing
  2. Limiting a Topic
  3. Writing Topic Sentences for Paragraphs
  4. Giving Examples and Explanations
  5. Using Specific Language
  6. Making Paragraph Breaks
  7. Using Transitional Expressions
  8. Writing Thesis Statements for Essays
  9. Writing Conclusions for Paragraphs and Essays
  10. Giving and Receiving Peer Responses
  11. Fun With Grammar: Discovering Standards: What's Good Writing
  12. Return to Your Writing

Writing is a way of discovering ideas as well as a way of expressing them. Therefore, few writers are able to make their ideas and words work together perfectly on the first try. Most writers produce several drafts, or experimental versions, of a piece of writing before arriving at a final draft. As you write your drafts and move toward a final one for each of your writing projects, you will be examining your own thoughts and developing skills for expressing them. Chapter 16 offers some techniques and tools for use along the way. You will learn to

  • explore topics by freewriting and clustering.
  • limit topics and use topic sentences.
  • clarify points through the use of examples and specific language.
  • highlight organization with paragraph breaks and transitional words.
  • keep your reader with you by writing thesis statements and conclusions.
  • gain perspective by giving and receiving peer responses.

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