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17.8 From Personal to Public Writing: Fun With Grammar

Original ending to Vietnamese tale
Tam was angry and told her he didn't want her back, but he did want his three drops of blood. Diep laughed and pricked her finger with a thorn, squeezing three drops onto Tam's arm. As the third drop fell, Diep's cheeks sank and her body shrank until she was the size of a tiny, thin fly. She circled frantically around Tam's head buzzing "I'm sorry; give me back the blood; I'm sorry." Tam was amazed and rushed back to his boat to rowed out to the magic mountain. There he prayed for days until the old man appeared and comforted him. The old man explained that from now on, Diep and all the female mosquitoes that came after her would search everywhere for those three drops of blood. Tam, however, would find a new wife who would work hard and faithfully, and mosquitoes would not dare to come near their happy home.

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