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12.2 Subject-Verb Agreement: Your Writing

Think of a category of things or people: foods, dreams, jobs, schools, movies, sports, teachers, families, bosses, children, subway riders, rich people, and so on. Pick a category that interests you. On a piece of scrap paper, list all the things or people that belong to that category. Now sort them into two, three, or four groups. What characteristics define each group? What do members of each group have in common?
  1. Arrange your thoughts into a paragraph that follows this pattern: "There are three kinds of ______________in the world. First there are [describe the first group]. Second come [describe second group]. And finally there are [describe third group]." In your paragraph, introduce each group, describe what its members have in common, and explain the differences among the groups.
  2. Read what you've written, highlighting all subjects and verbs by underlining the verbs and [bracketing] the subjects.

If your teacher or study group would like you to develop this exercise into a longer analytical paragraph, please revise it double-spaced on a fresh piece of paper, a word processor, or a class bulletin board.

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