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13.6 Pronouns: Making Pronouns and Antecedents Agree

Application 12

Correct the pronoun/antecedent agreement problems below by changing the pronouns shown in bold to singular forms. When you click on the "sentence" button, text will appear which you can rewrite. Please use the singular form indicated in parentheses. (B = both feminine and masculine; F = feminine, M = masculine).

1. The student who was absent should take the responsibility for asking somebody what they did the previous day. (B)

2. When anybody is hospitalized, they may go into debt for life. (M)


3. Nobody in the jail cell could understand why they had been arrested. (F)


4. The women in the group are mothers, and each one has their own style of talking with children. (F)


5. I didn't agree with anyone on the panel who claimed that they should make the final decision. (F)


6. Someone has left their bag on the bus. (B)


7. Everyone on the men's basketball team will have their chance to make the professional leagues. (M)


8. I don't know if either of the judges will be able to write their response by late afternoon. (B)


9. Everyone in this class is late handing in their homework. (F)


10. Nobody in this college has a reason not to do their best. (B)


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