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13.6 Pronouns: Making Pronouns and Antecedents Agree

Application 10

The sentences below are incorrect because the plural pronouns (in bold) don't agree with their singular antecedents. In the space after each sentence, write the singular antecedent. Skip a couple of spaces and then write the correct singular pronoun/s, using the form described by in the parentheses. (B = both feminine and masculine; F = feminine, M = masculine).

Examples: A new employee cannot afford to be careless about their appearance. (B)
employee    his or her
Every defendant has the right to their attorney's advice. (F)
defendant    her

1. Your first step is to greet the customer in a friendly manner and ask them for any coupons or bottle returns. (B)

2. Many parents interrupt the child's vocalization by embracing them. (F)
3. The average student at this college cares too much about their grades. (M)
4. There are laws supporting the rights of a minor even though they may be handicapped. (B)
5. A person can take up to fifty milligrams of methadone, and the dosage won't have any effect on them. (B)
6. It's up to each indivdidual to decide what their primary values are. (F)

7. In the old days, a person never questioned what to do with their life. (M)

8. A student will have to take the time to study and do their homework alone. (M)
9. Not every young person has an open relationship with their parents. (M)
10. If a kid teases the teacher too often, they could get in trouble. (M)
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