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chapter 9 Run-on Sentences

Inside This Chapter

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  1. Pretest
  2. Your Writing: Describing a Process
  3. Spotting Run-on Sentences
  4. Correcting Run-on Sentences
  5. Summary of Solutions
  6. Avoiding Run-on Sentences
  7. Review & Practice Part 1 & Part 2
  8. Fun With Grammar: The 200-Word Sentence
  9. Return to Your Writing
  10. Mastery Test on Run-ons
A run-on sentence contains two or more independent clauses with no connectors between them. If independent clauses are not separated into distinct sentences by a period, then they must be connected by a conjunction or by a semicolon. Eliminating run-on sentences from your writing will make your thoughts easier to follow and understand.

Chapter 9 helps you to:

  • recognize run-on sentences.
  • choose among four ways of correcting run-on sentences.
  • avoid writing the three main types of run-on sentences.

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