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14.6 Spelling: Spelling Chart

Each person has different spelling problems. Concentrate on your own.

Collect your spelling errors on a chart like the one below. (You can create your own or PRINT this one. Click HERE for a one-page duplicate of this chart.) In the last column, add a comment that helps you think about why th is word causes trouble and how you can remember its correct spelling. Here are some possible comments:

  • added ending
  • possessive form
  • sound-alike word
  • form of word (such as excellent when you mean excellence)
  • irregular verb
  • missing ending or syllable
These comments will help you understand your spelling problems so that you can learn from them.

This chart will help you find patterns in your own spelling errors. In the first column, please copy each misspelled word in its context, including words before and after the error to help you recall the word's purpose in the sentence. In the other two columns, correct and analyze each other.

Phrase that includes the word
as you misspelled it.
Correct Spelling Comment

Organize, learn from, and master your spelling problems by using your chart, your dictionary, and your spelling notebook regularly.

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