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14.5 Spelling: Words That Sound Alike

Application 21

Select whose or who's from the drop-down menus to complete each sentence correctly. When you click on "check answers," the computer will indicate your score and put a sideways grin :) next to each correct answer and an X next to any incorrect answers. Reconsider and change any incorrect responses; then re-grade the application.

Hendy keeps mentioning the week of slapstick specials to his mother, not about to let him spend every afternoon in front of the TV. She's one of those mothers prejudiced against television. She discourages Hendy's friendships with people primary subject of conversation is the afternoon soaps. But Abbott and Costello, films are legitimate classics, might break through her defenses. After all, going to stand between a son and his education in the classics? Besides, Hendy's mother is a baseball fan favorite quotations come from that famous Abbott and Costello routine. Don't you remember how that patter starts out, " on first?"

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