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14.5 Spelling: Words That Sound Alike

Application 19

Select your or you're from the drop-down menus to complete each sentence correctly. When you click on "check answers," the computer will indicate your score and put a sideways grin :) next to each correct answer and an X next to any incorrect answers. Reconsider and change any incorrect responses; then re-grade the application.

Imagine this: walking across the bridge minding own business when suddenly a truck pulls up beside you. The driver jumps out, and before eyes attaches some hook to a bridge cable, shakes hand, and then leaps off the edge while just standing there, rooted to spot. too amazed to scream and also too frightened to look over the edge, so you close eyes and pray only dreaming. After three long seconds, curiosity overcomes fear, and you rush to the edge just in time to see this madman one hundred feet below, bounding back toward you like a yo-yo, and then hurdling the rail to land beside you. He winks at questions, unfastens this huge elastic strap from the bridge cable, and drives off in his truck, whose engine had been idling loudly in ears the whole time.

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CHAPTER 14: Spelling

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