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14.5 Spelling: Words That Sound Alike

Application 14

Select no, know, or now from the drop-down menus to complete each sentence correctly. When you click on "check answers," the computer will indicate your score and put a sideways grin :) next to each correct answer and an X next to any incorrect answers. Reconsider and change any incorrect responses; then re-grade the application.

that the computer revolution has arrived, everyone wonders how we used to get along without computers. Most businesses have become dependent on computer for data filing, and bank would consider giving out money to a patron without checking computerized records first. Word processors are relieving secretaries of many routine tasks. Some computer programs can check a document for spelling so that neither the writer nor the typists has to how to spell the difficult words. But spelling programs can't eliminate confusion among words that sound alike, such as to and two, because computers cannot enough to choose which meaning of the word is right for the whole sentence. Computers, despite their awesome power, have judgment.

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