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14.5 Spelling: Words That Sound Alike

Application 12

Select than or then from the drop-down menus to complete each sentence correctly. When you click on "check answers," the computer will indicate your score and put a sideways grin :) next to each correct answer and an X next to any incorrect answers. Reconsider and change any incorrect responses; then re-grade the application.

The mystery surrounding the yoga demonstration last night is almost more I can stand. First the yogi tied his arms under his legs, he squirmed into a box, and his assistant immersed the box in water for twenty minutes. I thought that was even more amazing the walking on coals stunt. If I don't figure out the illusion behind that man's powers, I may just have to admit he's for real. Amy was teasing when she suggested that I could train myself to hold my breath like that, and I could become a famous yogi, too.

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