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chapter 15 Consistency

Inside This Chapter

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  1. Pretest
  2. Your Writing: Examining a Turning Point
  3. Finding and Using Parallel Elements
  4. Making Verb Tenses Consistent
  5. Making Pronoun Point of View Consistent
  6. Review and Practice Part 1 & Part 2
  7. Fun With Grammar: Passing Notes
  8. Return to Your Writing
  9. Mastery Test on Consistency

Consistency, or harmony of parts, is critical for showing your reader how your thoughts fit together. Consistency of verb tense, pronoun point of view, and sentence pattern will allow your reader to follow the path of your ideas within sentences, through paragraphs, and on to the end of a whole essay.

Chapter 15 explains consistency and gives you practice with:

  • consistency of parallel sentence elements.
  • consistency of verbs within a time framework.
  • consistency of pronoun point of view.

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