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15.3 Consistency: Finding and Using Parallel Elements

Application 2

In each group of sentences below, adjust some words to create two or more parallel elements that play the same sentence role. Then combine the ideas into one sentence by compounding those elements.
There is more than one correct version for each rewritten sentence.

Example: Soon James realized that he must ask for help. Otherwise, he must fail.
Soon James realized that he must ask for help or fail.

1. Some people fear failure. They also have a fear of success.

2. I like to watch the news at night. Listening to the radio at night is something I like, too.

3. You can get to the caves by taking a special train. It's also possible to hike there.

4. We want you to check in with us when you finish the training program. After you get your first job, check in with us, too.

5. Ruth says that the statistics prove her point. We should get the paper to publish them, she says.

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