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11.4 Final -s: Using Final -s on Plural Nouns

Final -s signals the plural form of most nouns.

Most nouns need an added final -s (sometimes -es) when they label more than one person, place, or thing.

this captain ___ these captains
a mansion ___ several mansions
an insult ___ a few insults
Natural -s nouns have to end in -s even when they don't represent a plural quantity, so these nouns add -es when they become plural.
one loss ___ three losses
a glass ___ several glasses
that lens ___ those lenses
But a few nouns don't need -s to represent a plural quantity. They form their plurals in some other way. These are irregular plurals.

a child ___ many children
one man ___ ten men
this woman ___ these women
that person ___ those people

Tip: Except for the natural -s nouns, singular nouns do not end in -s. Except for the irregular plurals, plural nouns end in -s.

Application 3      Application 4

A prepositional phrase beginning with of often requires a plural noun, even when the word modified by the phrase is clearly singular.

One (of my shoes) is covered with mud.
I'll wipe it with the last (of your rags).
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