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chapter 8 Sentence Fragments

Inside This Chapter

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  1. Pretest
  2. Your Writing: Supporting an Opinion
  3. Incomplete Verbs
  4. Disconnected Prepositional Phrases
  5. Disconnected Verbal Phrases
  6. Disconnected Dependent Clauses
  7. Review and Practice
  8. Fun With Grammar: Unpolished Lyrics
  9. Return to Your Writing
  10. Mastery Test on Sentence Fragments
A sentence fragment is a piece of a sentence; it is a group of words that is broken off from a complete sentence. A sentence fragment cannot do the work of a complete sentence because the fragment lacks an independent subject + verb combination. Recognizing sentence fragments and knowing how to correct them will help you eliminate them from your writing.

Chapter 8 helps you to:

  • recognize the difference between fragments and complete sentences.
  • correct the four most common types of sentence fragment:
    • incomplete verbs
    • disconnected prepositional phrases
    • disconnected verbal phrases
    • disconnected dependent clauses

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