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8.6 Sentence Fragments: Disconnected Dependent Clauses

A dependent clause standing alone is a sentence fragment.
Because they were bored and restless.
A dependent word makes its clause unable to stand alone as a sentence and defines a role for that clause to play within another sentence.
They auditioned for the circus {because they were bored and restless.}
To refresh your memory of dependent clauses, see Chapter 5.

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Dependent clauses beginning with who, whom, whose, which, or that are particularly likely to appear as sentence fragments.

My brother's house is on Alp Street. Which is getting new sewers next week.
A clause of this type, like any other dependent clause, must be connected to an independent clause.
My brother's house is on Alp Street, {which is getting new sewers next week.}

Tip for finding fragments: Remember that a fragment is any group of words that is not clearly connected to an independent subject + verb combination. Therefore, to check for fragments, look for subject + verb combinations. A subject + verb combination is independent as long as it is not introduced by a dependent word.

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