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8.6 Disconnected Dependent Clauses

Application 7

Combine each group of ideas into a single complete sentence. Put any modifying clause as close as possible to the word it modifies. The sentence you write will probably be different from the one provided by the computer (click the "answer" button). Compare your answers, also, to those of your classmates.

1. Because Clyde was so wound up. No one wanted to argue. When he insisted on that restaurant.


2. Although I kept putting in dimes. Some of your clothes are still wet.


3. This party is for you. Because it's your birthday. And for whoever else wants to come.


4. I'll run back to get you. Before the bus leaves. So that you can work until the last minute.


5. If he doesn't call today. I'm completely convinced. That she'll give up on the whole plan. Before he leaves for work.


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