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2.11 Verbs: Fun With Grammar

Pattern Puzzle -- Suggested Arrangements of Verbs

One arrangement is:
Past Present Future
We were waitingWe are waitingWe will be waiting
We waitedWe waitWe will wait
We had waitedWe have waitedWe will have waited

(All the ing forms are on the top line, all the -ed forms in verb strings are on the bottom, and the others are in the middle. Columns left to right show past, present, and future tenses.)

Another arrangement is:
One-word verb Two-word verbs Three-word verbs
We waitWe will waitWe will be waiting
We waitedWe are waitingWe will have waited
 We were waiting 
 We had waited 

(One-word verbs are in the first column, two-word verbs are in the second, and three-word verbs are in the third.)

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