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2 Verbs

Inside this Chapter

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  1. Your Writing: Recounting a Recent Incident or Story
  2. Doing and Being Verbs
  3. Single-Word Verbs and Verb Strings
  4. Split Verbs
  5. Time (Tense)
  6. A Verb's Four Forms
  7. Irregular Verbs
  8. Non-Verb Forms
  9. Combining Sentences by Compounding Verbs
  10. Review & Practice
  11. Fun With Grammar: Pattern Puzzle
  12. Return to Your Writing
  13. Mastery Test on Verbs
A sentence contains two essential parts: a verb and a subject. Recognizing the verb is the key to analyzing a sentence. Further, knowing how verbs work allows you to make intelligent choices among verb forms as you write.

In Chapter 2, you will learn that:

  • verbs usually begin the section of a sentence that tells what something is doing or being.
  • verbs can be combinations of a main verb plus one or more auxiliaries.
  • verbs split apart in a question or negative statement.
  • verbs give clues about the time of an event.
  • verbs can appear in four different forms: base, simple past, present participle, and past participle.
  • irregular verbs do not follow the usual pattern in the four forms.
  • sentences can be combined by compounding their verbs.


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