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6.12 Capitalization and Punctuation : Fun With Grammar

Poetic License -- Poems in Sentence Form

Cruz in English: Each little pore has a light and outside, darkness. You shine one half green, the other blue. What a picture: land that jumps out the water! Salt comes out, out of your bones to make meat with air like pockets with matches inside.

Cruz in Spanish: Cada poro tiene una luz, y afuera oscuridad. Tu brillas, una midad verde y la otra azul. ¡Qué pelicula, tierra que brinca del agua! Sale sal de tus huesos para hacer carne con aire como bolsillos con fósforos adentro.

cummings: O sweet spontaneous earth, how often have the doting fingers of prurient philosophers pinched and poked thee, has the naughty thumb of science prodded thy beauty! How often have religions taken thee upon their scraggy knees, squeezing and buffeting thee that thou mightest conceive gods! But true to the incomparable couch of death, thy rhythmic lover, thou answerest them only with spring.

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