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7.4 Combining Sentences: Mixing Methods to Combine Sentences

Application 6

Combine each set of sentences using any useful method. Write the sentences in the space given at the end of each numbered exercise. When you're finished with each set of sentences, you can compare your efforts with those of your classmates and with the computer's response.

1. In the United States, capital punishment has been an extremely controversial issue.
The issue is controversial on legal grounds.
It's controversial on moral grounds.
It's controversial on ethical grounds.
(Combine into one sentence of under 20 words)

In 1976, the Supreme Court ruled on capital punishment.
The ruling said that capital punishment was not unconstitutional.
However, a mandatory death penalty for any crime was unconstitutional.
(Combine into one sentence of under 25 words)


2. A computer virus is a program that enters a computer.
It is damaging.
It usually enters a computer without the operator's knowledge.
(under 18 words)

Some viruses are mild.
These cause messages to appear on the screen.
Others are destructive.
These can wipe out the computer's memory.
They can cause more severe damage.
(under 30 words)

Computer viruses spread.
They go from machine to machine on disks.
They go through telephone lines.
(under 15 words)


3. Ella Fitzgerald was a singer.
She was an African-American.
She sang jazz songs.
She sang popular songs.
She was known for the clarity of her voice.
She was known for her ability to interpret the works of a great variety of songwriters.
Irving Berlin was one of the songwriters.
Duke Ellington was another.
So was George Gershwin.
(under 50 words)


4.Hannibal was a general.
He was from Carthage.
Carthage was an ancient city in North Africa.
Carthage fought with Rome in the third and second centuries BC.
(under 25 words)

Hannibal led an army of 100,000 men.
Elephants supported the army.
They came from Africa to Spain.
They crossed the Alps into Italy.
They won several victories there.
They did not conquer Rome.
(under 35 words)


5.Joseph McCarthy was a senator.
He was a Republican from Wisconsin.
He served in the Senate from 1947-1957.
(under 20 words)

He tried to identify communists.
He said they had infiltrated the federal government.
He never supplied any of their names.
(under 25 words)

He used a tactic of "guilt by association."
This branded people.
They had merely known communists.
If not, they had merely agreed with communists on some issue.
For example, the issue might have been racial equality.
(under 30 words)


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