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chapter 4.2 Completers and Modifiers: "(Subject + Verb) Whom or What?"

Once you've found the subject and verb of a sentence, you can check to see if the sentence has a completer by asking "whom or what?" after the verb.
Bronson hates jazz.
In this sentence, hates is the verb and Bronson is the subject. You ask "Bronson hates whom or what. . .? The answer is jazz, so jazz is the completer. Here are some others:
Enchiladas aren't always hot. (Enchiladas aren't what? hot)

My friend in San Diego makes them without peppers. (Friend makes what? them)

Believe me. (Remember from Chapter 3 that the subject of a command is you, so for this sentence the question is: "You believe whom?" me)

After one bite of his enchiladas, your prejudice against Mexican food would vanish instantly. (Prejudice would vanish whom? Prejudice would vanish what? No answer, so there is no completer in this sentence.)

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