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4.10 Fun With Grammar

Jabberwocky Answers

1. In the first two lines, after the words "T'was brillig," what is the subject?

2. What two verbs are compounded in these first two lines?
did gyre, (did) gimble

3. What prepositional phrase modifies the verbs?
[in the wabe]

4. In the fourth line, there are two possible subject/verb combinations. Find both. Which do you like better and why?
raths outgrabe, OR mome raths

5. What are the two completers in lines 7 and 8?
bird, Bandersnatch

6. Pick out the subject, verb, and completer in line 9.
He took sword

7. What are the three modifiers in line 9? (One is a prepositional phrase.)
his, vorpal, [in hand]

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