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chapter 4 Completers and Modifiers

Inside This Chapter

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  1. Your Writing: Describing a Room from Direct Observation
  2. "(Subject + Verb) Whom or What?"
  3. Words That Act as Completers
  4. Recognizing the Difference between Completers and Subjects
  5. How Modifiers Work
  6. Single-Word Modifiers
  7. Prepositional Phrase Modifiers
  8. Combining Sentences by Compounding Completers or Modifiers
  9. Review & Practice
  10. Fun With Grammar: Jabberwocky
  11. Return to Your Writing
  12. Mastery Test on Completers & Modifiers
A subject + verb combination may need a word or group of words to complete the meaning of the sentence. In addition, a sentence is usually expanded with modifiers that clarify the meaning of the sentence. Recognizing completers and modifiers helps you to understand how sentences work so that you can straighten out tangles more easily as you revise your written sentences.

In Chapter 4, you will learn that

  • a completer answers the question "(Subject + verb) whom or what?"
  • nouns, pronouns, and describing words can act as completers.
  • modifiers add to or limit a word's meaning.
  • a modifier can be a single word.
  • a prepositional phrase always acts as a modifier.
  • sentences can be combined by compounding their completers and modifiers.

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