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chapter 4.5 Completers and Modifiers: How Modifiers Work

A modifier adds to or limits a word's meaning.

Modifiers describe other words, making the meaning of those other words more specific. Modifiers answer the following questions about the words they modify:

What kind? Which one(s)? How many or how much? Whose?
When? Where? Why? How? To what extent? Under what conditions?
Watch this sentence become more specific as it adds modifiers:
BASIC SENTENCE: Women earn salaries.
(How many women?) Many women earn salaries.
(Which women?) Many women in the civil services earn salaries.
(What kind of salaries?) Many women in the civil services earn good salaries.
(When?) Many women in the civil services earn good salaries
after their first few promotions.

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Click on the ESL icon at left to visit "Quantifiers" for additional help with modifiers like much and many. Practice these forms with a teacher or tutor.

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