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5.9 Embedded Thoughts: Fun With Grammar

The Champion Verbalizer

1. Make a team with two or three other people, and together pick one of the lettered lines below. Each team pick a different line.

  1. spatula, scraped, crust, oily, squirming, train.
  2. bending, wrapped, blanket, stones, knife, children.
  3. coats, cords, scarred, gnawing, bristly, insane.
  4. tractor, natural, kicking, sky, road, soybean
  5. fields, surrounded, giving, lawn, woods, way
  6. certain, curve, hill, sphere, floating, cold
2. With your team, write a long sentence using the words in your line. You can add as many other words as you like, but the result must be a correctly constructed sentence. Use as many verbals as you can.

3. Stop after five minutes and count the words in your sentence. Count the verbals as well. Which team has the longest sentence? Which one used the most verbals?

4. The winning team in each category must read the sentence aloud and let the class judge whether the sentence is correctly constructed. If not, the team with the next highest count should try. Select winners.

If you worked on line a, b, or c, click here to see how E. Annie Proulx used these words in the first paragraph of her novel, Accordian Crimes. If you worked on line d, e, or f, click here to see how Randall Kenan used these words in the first paragraph of his short story, "The Foundations of the Earth."

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