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Online Course Registration

These instructions assume that the student has successfully completed the prior tasks listed in the Enrollment Procedure.

Before beginning, it is recommended that you use the myCommnet Course Schedule search feature to choose the specific class(es) you would like to take. Write down the CRN's and have them handy as you perform this procedure.

To Register for classes:

  • Click Here to open the myCommNet portal in a new window
  • Enter: NetID (12345678@student.commnet.edu) & Password (same ID & Password used on college computers)
  • Click: Login
  • Click on the Student Tab
  • Click on the Student Self-Service Channel
  • If prompted, Select: Capital Community College
  • Select: Registration and Payment
  • Select a Term and click Submit
  • Select: Register (add/drop) Classes
  • Enter CRN for each course (4 digits) in boxes and click Submit Changes
  • Follow link at bottom of registration screen to Initiate Payment with a credit card (MasterCard/Visa)

Once you have successfully entered your classes, your registrations will be displayed with a status of **Web Registered** and today's date.

Important: You must make payment, in accordance with the college payment policy, at the time of registration. Failure to do so may result in removal from your classes (de-registered).

To Make an Online Payment:

If you are receiving financial assistance, scholarships, etc., contact Enrolment Services at (860) 906-5140 before proceeding.

  1. Click on the Initiate Payment (Step 2) link at the bottom of the page (it is a small text link, not a button).
  2. Choose a term.
  3. Complete the credit card information form, and click on Submit Payment.
  4. The screen that follows confirms your payment.

Important: You should print out this
screen and keep it for your records.

Registration Errors and Solutions:

Error Details Solution
CLOSED Course is closed.  Select another course. 

You will get this message if you have not been advised and/or do not have a Permit-to-register.
The course requires the signature of the department head or instructor.

Obtain appropriate approval and bring signed approval to the Registrar’s Office.
LEVEL RESTRICTION The course has a Level restriction. Obtain appropriate approval from the Registrar’s Office.
NOT OPEN TO (…) The course is restricted to members of a specific class. Select a different course.
CORQ/PREQ COURSE REQUIRED The course has specific co-requisites or pre-requisites that may not be met. Check to insure that you have met the course requirements,  If you have met the course pre-requisites see the Registrar’s staff to finalize your registration.
TIME CONFLICT WITH (CRN) You have registered for two courses that meet at the same time.  The conflicting course CRN is identified. Select a different section or course that does not conflict.
MAXIMUM HOURS EXCEEDED Your request exceeds the number of allowed course registrations. You must petition for permission to take an overload.
DUPLICATE CRN You have entered a duplicate CRN. Re-enter the correct CRN.
DUPL CRSE WITH SEC (CRN) You have entered a CRN for a course for which you have already registered (different section). Re-enter the correct CRN.
COURSE NOT AVAILABLE FOR REGISTRATION AT THIS TIME The selected course was cancelled. Select a different course.
CRN DOES NOT EXIST An invalid CRN was entered. Enter the correct CRN.
LINK ERROR Course requires an additional CRN linked to lab/lecture/clinic or other course. Select CRN that is linked to this course.
REPEAT COUNT EXCEEDS ZERO  Course has been taken in the past and a valid grade has been received. Contact the Registrar’s Office for further information.
COURSE STATUS DATES NOT WITHIN RANGE FOR PART OF TERM Web registration is not currently available for these courses. You are not registered for the selected courses. Contact the Registrar’s Office for further information.  



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