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Student Stars


Class of 2007
Lillie Lavado first came to Capital with a vague inquiry about teaching English as a second language. After consulting with the Communication Media faculty, she decided that the degree program fit her varied interests in politics, media, and intercultural studies. Lillie provided outstanding editorial leadership for CSN: Capital Student News as part of an independent study project, participated in the Connecticut State Legislative Intern program, and became a published author and photographer as an intern with The Hartford News. In 2007, Lillie became the first Communication Media graduate. She transferred to Trinity College's Individualized Degree Program to pursue a self-designed Bachelor of Arts program.

Class of 2008
Henry Vivar enrolled in the Communication Media program after taking Web design and media production courses in his native Peru. He contributed extensively to several student production teams and took it upon himself to build the original web site for CSN: Capital Student News. Henry's internship experience at WUVN-TV Channel 18 was so positive that his supervisor offered him a full-time position upon completion of the program. Henry graduated cum laude from Capital in 2008 and is continuing his studies at the University of Hartford School of Communication, where he received a substantial academic scholarship.
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Class of 2008
Michael Morris developed his production skills by participating in Capital's community partnership productions of El Show de Analeh, a Spanish-language community affairs program that broadcasts on WUVN-TV Channel 18. He produced several short films including a documentary about the city of Hartford entitled Children Learn What They Live. After completing his internship with Captured Time Productions in Litchfield, CT, Michael was offered employment from Universal Studios in California. He looks forward to his newfound career in the Media Arts. Michael graduated cum laude from Capital in 2008.

Class of 2008

Doug Fitz came to Capital with prior video production experience and he quickly became a valuable team member on a multitude of video productions - whether for students' projects, El Show de Analeh, CSN: Capital Student News, or professional productions in the Academic Media Technology Department. Doug learned more about the inner workings of state government during his internship with CT-N: The Connecticut Network. A 2008 graduate in Communication Media, Doug plans to join the U.S. Coast Guard, where he hopes to become either the one rescuing people, or - working in the public relations division - the one filming his fellow colleagues rescuing people.

Class of 2009
Madeline Contreras successfully completed an independent study project in which she explored new media, its impact on traditional mass communication channels, and its effect on the career landscape. She produced weekly journals, a summative paper entitled Talking with Media Professionals: A True Learning Experience, and an audio podcast featuring excerpts from the four interviews she conducted with media professionals. Madeline created an NPR-style audio podcast that will soon be among the course materials used in the Careers in Media course. She expects to graduate with a degree in Communication Media in May 2009.

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