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Enter the World of Media and Broadcasting
Get Your Degree in Communication, Here at Capital Community College

Internship Links for Communication Media Students

Get started sooner! The two-year Associate degree program at Capital offers students the exceptional opportunity to intern at a communication workplace within their first two years of academic study. Placement assistance for the internship is offered to all Communication Media majors as they approach completion of the degree program. The following are some helpful websites.

View the Internship course description page: COM*295- Internship Guide

Internship Sites approved by Capital's Communication Media Program
Capital Media Interns MUST be majoring in Communication Media and meet with the Internship Coordinator (Academic Media Technology, room 1031) prior to being assigned an internship location.

  • Connecticut Public Broadcasting
  • CT-N, The Connecticut Network - Duties include assisting with field productions, creating graphics for finished programs
  • Hartford Public Access Television - Duties include cablecasting (monitoring air signal, organizing air tapes), assisting on studio or field productions, editing programs for air, acting as reporter/ journalist/ photographer for station newsletter, producing public service announcements
  • Univision - WUVN Channel 18 - Duties include assisting with field productions, creating graphics for finished programs
  • WFSB Channel 3 - Duties include assisting the news assignment desk and accompanying reporters on stories
  • Captured Time Productions - Duties include general production assistance for this documentary filmmaker
  • Young! Studios - A choice for students interested in computer-based animation, located next door to the college

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