Course Conversion Table: March 25, 2004
Capital Community College

This table (less than ten pages when printed out) represents the conversion of the course numbering system that prevailed at Capital Community College through the spring semester 2004 to the numbering system that shall be used at Capital Community College beginning with the fall semester, 2004. New subject areas, numbers, and titles are shown on the right-hand side of the table. New numbers and titles are consistent with those used at all twelve Connecticut community colleges. New numbers are already being used for the fall offerings in myCommnet, the student information system for Connecticut's community colleges.

Old Subj Old # Old Title New Subj New # New Title
ACCT G105 Principles of Accounting I ACC* G111 Principles of Accounting I
ACCT G106 Principles of Accounting II ACC* G112 Principles of Accounting II
ACCT G201 Intermediate Accounting I ACC* G271 Intermediate Accounting I
ACCT G204 Federal Taxation ACC* G241 Federal Taxes I
ACCT G205 Managerial Accounting ACC* G117 Principles of Managerial Acctg
ACCT G206 Computerized Accounting Systems ACC* G125 Acct Computer Applications I
ACCT G299 Business & Technology Practicum ACC* G292 Accounting Practicum
ANTH G101 Introduction to Anthropology ANT* G101 Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH G299 Cultural Anthropology ANT* G105 Intro to Cultural Anthro
ARC G1106 Blueprint Reading ARC* G223 Blueprint Reading
ARC G1108 Architectural Building Materials ARC* G108 Building Materials
ARC G1110 Graphics I ARC* G103 Graphics I
ARC G1111 Graphics I Lab ARC* G103L Graphics I Lab
ARC G1116 Contracts & Specifications ARC* G221 Contracts & Specifications
ARC G1130 Architectural Drafting II ARC* G203 Architectural Drafting II
ARC G1131 Architectural Drafting II Lab ARC* G203L Architectural Drafting II Lab
ARC G2100 Architectural Design ARC* G205 Architectural Designing I
ARC G2101 Architectural Design I Lab ARC* G205L Architectural Designing I Lab
ARC G2210 Architectural Design II/Detailing ARC* G207 Arch Design II - Detailing
ARC G2211 Architectural Design II/Detailing Lab ARC* G207L Arch Design II - Detailing Lab
ARC G2215 Site Planning & Landscape Architecture ARC* G245 Site Plng & Landscape Arch
ARC G2217 Environmental Systems ARC* G240 Environmental Systems
ARC G2219 Codes & Ordinances ARC* G227 Codes & Ordinances
ARC G2227 Estimating ARC* G220 Estimating
ARC G2230 Introduction to Structural Systems ARC* G229 Structures
ARC G2407 Architectural History ARC* G102 Architecture of the World
ARC G3800 Special Topics ARC* G298 Special Topics in Arch
ART G100 Introduction to the History of Art ART* G100 Art Appreciation
ART G101 History of Art I ART* G101 Art History I
ART G102 History of Art II ART* G102 Art History II
ART G103 Cross Cultures: Ethnic Art in the U.S ART* G202 Ethnic Art in the USA
ART G104 19th & 20th Century Art ART* G103 Art History III
ART G110 Design ART* G121 Two-Dimensional Design
ART G120 Drawing I ART* G111 Drawing I
ART G121 Drawing II ART* G112 Drawing II
ART G130 Pottery I ART* G161 Ceramics I
ART G131 Pottery II ART* G162 Ceramics II
ART G200 Painting I ART* G151 Painting I
ART G201 Painting II ART* G152 Painting II
ART G210 Sculpture I ART* G131 Sculpture I
ART G211 Sculpture II ART* G132 Sculpture II
ART G212 Carved Sculpture I ART* G231 Sculpture III
ART G220 Figure Drawing I ART* G113 Figure Drawing I
ART G221 Figure Drawing II ART* G114 Figure Drawing II
ART G230 Relief Printmaking ART* G167 Printmaking I
ART G231 Serigraph Printmaking ART* G168 Printmaking II
ART G232 Intaglio Printmaking ART* G267 Printmaking III
ART G290 Problems in Studio Art ART* G299 Independent Study
ART G299 Caribbean Art & Culture ART* G208 Caribbean Art and Culture
BIO G101 General Biology BIO* G105 Intro to Biology
BIO G105 The Human Body BIO* G115 Human Biology
BIO G110 Human Evolution & Human Ecology BIO* G176 Human Evolution & Human Ecol
BIO G120 Bioethics BIO* G101 Bioethics
BIO G150 Fundamentals of Nutrition BIO* G111 Intro to Nutrition
BIO G151 Advanced Nutrition BIO* G215 Advanced Nutrition
BIO G203 General Botany BIO* G155 General Botany
BIO G204 General Zoology BIO* G145 General Zoology
BIO G208 Human Physiology & Anatomy I BIO* G211 Anatomy & Physiology I
BIO G209 Human Physiology & Anatomy II BIO* G212 Anatomy & Physiology II
BIO G215 Ecology BIO* G170 Principles of Ecology
BIO G250 Microbiology BIO* G235 Microbiology
BIO G270 Genetics BIO* G260 Principles of Genetics
BLAW G101 Business Law I BBG* G231 Business Law I
BLAW G102 Business Law II BBG* G232 Business Law II
BLAW G103 Legal Environment of Business BBG* G234 Legal Environment of Bus
New Course BBG* G294 Business Internship
BOT G110 Keyboarding I BOT* G111 Keyboarding for Info Pro I
BOT G111 Keyboarding II BOT* G112 Keyboarding for Info Pro II
BOT G124 Speedwriting BOT* G120 Speedwriting
BOT G130 Legal Terminology BOT* G170 Legal Terminology
BOT G136 Medical Terminology BOT* G180 Medical Terminology
BOT G207 Office Practicum BOT* G295 Administrative Practicum
BOT G211 Office Procedures I BOT* G251 Administrative Procedures
BOT G212 Office Procedures II BOT* G252 Administrative Procedures II
BOT G287 Claims Processing Applications BOT* G284 Claims Processing Aplcatns
BOT G290 Business Communications BOT* G201 Business Communications
BOT G295 Business Cooperative Internship BOT* G296 Cooperative Work Experience
BTEC G220 BTE* G220 Seminar Topics in Biotech
CHEM G040 Pre-Tech Chemistry CHE* G040 Pre-Tech Chemistry
CHEM G111 Principles of Chemistry CHE* G111 Concepts of Chemistry
CHEM G114 Environmental Chemistry CHE* G230 Environmental Chemistry
CHEM G121 Chemistry I CHE* G121 General Chemistry I
CHEM G122 Chemistry II CHE* G122 General Chemistry II
CHEM G1403 Safe Handling of Hazardous Materials CHE* G140 Safe Hndlg Hazardous Materials
CHEM G200 Chemistry Internship CHE* G296 Chemistry Internship
CHEM G210 Introduction to Organic Chemistry CHE* G210 Intro to Organic Chemistry
CHEM G211 Organic Chemistry I CHE* G213 Principles of Organic Chem I
CHEM G212 Organic Chemistry I Lab CHE* G213L Prin of Organic Chem I Lab
CHEM G214 Organic Chemistry II CHE* G214 Principles of Organic Chem II
CHEM G215 Organic Chemistry II Lab CHE* G215 Prin of Organic Chem II Lab
CHEM G220 Biochemistry CHE* G220 Biochemistry
CHEM G230 analytical Techniques CHE* G240 Analytical Chemistry
CHEM G241 Chemical Instrumentation CHE* G250 Instrumental Analysis
CHEM G280 Special Topic CHE* G298 Special Topics in Chemistry
CIS G101 Introduction to Computer & Information Systems CSC* G101 Intro to Computers
CIS G105 Using Microcomputers CSA* G105 Intro to Software Aplicatns
CIS G107 Multimedia Computing CSA* G155 Multimedia Communications
CIS G110 Cobol Programming I CSC* G201 COBOL I
CIS G112 Fortran Programming CSC* G270 Fortran Programming
CIS G113 Word Processing I CSA* G123 Word Processing
CIS G115 Visual Basic CSC* G205 Visual Basic I
CIS G121 Microcomputer Databases CSA* G140 Database Applications
CIS G122 Spreadsheets CSA* G135 Spreadsheet Applications
CIS G123 Data Communications & Networking CST* G231 Data Comm & Networks
CIS G127 Computer Graphics for Visual Communications CSA* G151 Presentation Graphics Apps
CIS G130 Operating Systems CST* G120 Intro to Operating Systems
CIS G135 The Internet CSA* G163 The Internet
CIS G140 Desktop Publishing with Pagemaker CSA* G152 Pagemaker
CIS G150 Electronic Publishing for the World Wide Web CST* G150 Web Design & Development I
CIS G160 Network Administrator CST* G171 LAN System Management
CIS G203 OS-Job Control Language CSC* G285 MVS Operating Systems JCL
CIS G205 Cobol Programming II CSC* G202 COBOL II
CIS G207 Programming CSC* G210 C Programming
CIS G209 PC Assembler Programming CSC* G282 Assembly Programming
CIS G210 Visual Basic II CSC* G206 Visual Basic II
CIS G230 JavaScript for the World Wide Web CST* G200 Scripting Language w/Java+++
CIS G235 The Internet II CST* G250 Web Design & Development II
CIS G240 Java Programming CSC* G220 Obj Orient Prgrmng Usng Java
CIS G250 Using Microcomputers CSA* G205 Advanced Applications
CIS G285 Systems Analysis & Design CSC* G250 Systems Analysis & Design
CIS G299 Hardware/OS for A+ Cert. pt II CST* G140 Intro to Computer Hardware
CIS G299 Application Software Support CSA* G165 Application Software Support
CIS G299 Post Advanced Microsoft Office CSA* G250 Post Advanced Microsoft Office
CIS G299 Data Communications & Networking II CST* G281 Data Comm & Networking II
CIS G299 Introduction to the Linux/OS CST* G264 UNIX/LINUX System Administration
CIS G299 Networking with Linux CST* G265 Networking with Linux
CIS G299 Help Desk Concepts CST* G125 Help Desk Concepts
CIS G299 Hardware/OS for A+ Cert. pt II CST* G142 Intro to Computer Hardware Lab
CIS G299 Hardware/OS Troubleshooting for A+ Cert. pt I CST* G240 Advanced Computer Hardware
CIS G299 Hardware/OS Troubleshooting for A+ Cert. pt II CST* G243 Advanced Comp. Hardware Lab
DFT G1120 Architectural Drafting I ARC* G116 Architectural Drafting I
DFT G1121 Architectural Drafting I Lab ARC* G116L Architectural Drafting I Lab
ECON G201 Principles of Economics I ECN* G101 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON G202 Principles of Economics II ECN* G102 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON G205 Money and Banking ECN* G250 Money and Banking
EDUC G109 Science Experiences for Young Children ECE* G109 Science & Math for Children
EDUC G110 Introduction to School Age Child Care ECE* G276 Intro to School Age Care
EDUC G220 Introduction to Early Childhood Education ECE* G101 Intro to ECE
EDUC G222 Early Childhood Education Method & Techniques ECE* G222 Methods & Tech in ECE
EDUC G229 Family, Child, & Community Health ECE* G176 Health Safety & Nutrition
EDUC G230 Creative Art Activities for Teachers ECE* G103 Creative Experiences/Children
EDUC G231 Speech, Language Development & Literature in Early Childhood Education ECE* G231 Early Lang & Literacy Devlpmnt
EDUC G232 Teaching & Caring for Infants & Toddlers ECE* G141 Infant/Toddler Growth & Devlp
EDUC G233 Methods & Techniques for Infants & Toddlers ECE* G241 Methds & Tech for Infnt/Todl
EDUC G235 Music & Movement in Early Childhood Education ECE* G106 Music & Movement for Childrn
EDUC G240 Multicultural Education: Preparing Children for the 21st Century ECE* G225 Antibias Issues in ECE
EDUC G246 Administration & Supervision of Early Childhood Education Facilities ECE* G206 Admin & Supvsn of EC Progrms
EDUC G247 The Exceptional child ECE* G215 The Exceptional Learner
EDUC G248 Filed Observation: Child Care Seminar ECE* G210 Obsvn Participation & Seminar
EDUC G250 Practicum in Early Childhood Education ECE* G295 Student Teaching Practicum
EDUC G299 Early Childhood Professionals as Presenters ECE* G299 Independent Study in ECE
EDUC G299 Child Dev Assoc. Prep Course 1 ECE* G180 CDA Crendential Prep I
EDUC G299 Child Dev Assoc. Prep Course II ECE* G181 CDA Crendential Prep II
EMS G101 Emergency Medical Services Education I EMS* G101 Emergency Med Service Educ I
EMS G102 Emergency Medical Services Education II EMS* G102 Emergency Med Service Educ II
EMS G103 Emergency Medical Services Education III EMS* G103 Emergency Med Service Educ III
EMTP G101 Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic I EMT* G111 EMT - Paramedic I
EMTP G101L Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic I Lab EMT* G111L EMT Paramedic I Lab
EMTP G102 Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic II EMT* G112 EMT-Paramedic II
EMTP G102L Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic II Lab EMT* G112L EMT Paramedic II Lab
EMTP G105 Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic III EMT* G115 EMT-Paramedic Internship
EMTP G105L Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic III Lab EMT* G115L EMT Paramedic Internship Lab
EMTP G201 EMT* G211 EMT-Paramedic III
EMTP G299 EMR* G101 Prncpls/Procss Emergency Mgt
ENG G001 College Foundations Writing ENG* G013 Writing Foundations of Eng
ENG G002 College Foundations Reading ENG* G003 Foundations of Reading
ENG G006 The Reading/Writing Connection ENG* G043 Writing: Paragraph to Essay
ENG G010 ESL:Speaking in English - Level 1 ESL* G017 Oral Communications I
ENG G011 ESL:Writing in English - Level 1 ESL* G013 Writing & Reading I
ENG G012 ESL-Speaking in English - Level II ESL* G027 Oral Communications II
ENG G014 ESL:Writing in English - Level II ESL* G023 Writing & Reading II
ENG G015 ESL-Speaking in English - Level III ESL* G147A Oral Comm - High Intermediate
ENG G016 ESL-Writing in English - Level III ESL* G143 Writing & Reading IV
ENG G101 English Composition ENG* G101 Composition
ENG G102 Introduction to Literature ENG* G102 Literature & Composition
ENG G107 English Composition Portfolio ENG* G107 English Composition Portfolio
ENG G116 ESL Modes of Communication ESL* G185 Modes of Communication
ENG G117 ESL Speaking in English -Level IV ESL* G157A Oral Comm - Low Advanced
ENG G118 ESL Writing in English - Level IV ESL* G153A Writing & Rdg - Low Advanced
ENG G238 Major American Writers ENG* G220 Studies in American Lit
ENG G239 American Studies ENG* G276 History Through Literature
ENG G240 Twentieth - Century American Literature ENG* G222 American Literature II
ENG G245 Major British Writers ENG* G230 Studies in British Lit
ENG G251 Shakespeare and the History of His Time ENG* G233 Shakespeare
ENG G261 Literature of the Bible ENG* G292 Literature o/t Bible
ENG G262 The Healing Arts: Literature & Medicine ENG* G279 Healing Arts - Lit & Medicine
ENG G263 Satire ENG* G217 Satire
ENG G266 Contemporary Literature ENG* G278 Comtemporary Literature
ENG G268 Modern Poetry ENG* G213 Poetry
ENG G269 African - American Literature ENG* G251 African American Literature
ENG G270 Creative Writing: Poetry & Narrative ENG* G281 Creative Writing
ENG G271 The Novel: Tradition & Types ENG* G210 Fiction
ENG G272 Hispanic - American/Latino Literature ENG* G253 Hispanic-American Literature
ENG G273 The Short Story ENG* G211 Short Story
ENG G275 Advanced Composition ENG* G200 Advanced Composition
ENG G280 Women in Literature ENG* G260 Studies in Women's Lit
ENG G282 Mythology ENG* G291 Mythology
ENG G283 Business & Technical Report Writing ENG* G202 Technical Writing
ENG G290 Topics in Ethnic American Literature ENG* G259 Special Topics in Ethnic Lit
ENG G291 Modern Latin - American Literature ENG* G247 Latin American Literature
ENG G295 Literature of the Caribbean ENG* G248 Literature of the Caribbean
ENG G299 Haunting America: Ghosts and the Supernatural in Ethic Literature ENG* G290 Haunting America
FIN G101 Managerial Finance Managerial Finance BFN* G107 Managerial Finance
FIN G102 Investments BFN* G203 Investment Principles
FIN G299 Internet Investing BFN* G260 Internet (On-line) Investing
FREN G101 Elementary French I FRE* G101 Elementary French I
FREN G102 Elementary French II FRE* G102 Elementary French II
FREN G201 Intermediate French I FRE* G201 Intermediate French I
FREN G202 Intermediate French II FRE* G202 Intermediate French II
FTA G102 Introduction to Fire Technology FTA* G112 Intro to Fire Technology
FTA G106 Building Construction FTA* G116 Building Construction
FTA G108 Fire Prevention & Inspection FTA* G118 Fire Prevention & Inspection
FTA G130 Fire Technology & Administration-Tech Prep Internship FTA* G130 FTA: Tech Prep Internship
FTA G201 Water Supply Hydraulics FTA* G210 Water Supply and Hydraulics
FTA G203 Codes & Standards FTA* G213 Codes and Standards
FTA G205 Municipal Fire Administration FTA* G216 Municipal Fire Admin
FTA G207 Sprinklers & Fixed Extinguishing Systems FTA* G218 Sprinkler & Fixed Extin Syst
FTA G209 Fire Investigation FTA* G219 Fire Investigation
FTA G230 Fire Technology & Administration Co-op Seminar FTA* G290 FTA Cooperative Work
FTA G299 Disaster & Fire Defense Planning FTA* G250 Disaster and Fire Defense Plng
GEOG G102 Cultural Geography GEO* G102 Intro To Human Geography
GEOG G105 World Regional Geography GEO* G111 World Regional Geography
HIST G101 Western Civilization to 1660 HIS* G101 Western Civilization I
HIST G102 Western Civilization from 1600 HIS* G102 Western Civilization II
HIST G103 United States History Through the Reconstruction Era HIS* G201 U.S. History I
HIST G104 United States History from the Reconstruction Era HIS* G202 U.S. History II
HIST G105 World Civilization, Part I HIS* G121 World Civiliztion I
HIST G106 World Civilization, Part II HIS* G122 World Civilization II
HIST G239 History of Black America to 1865 HIS* G216 African-American History I
HIST G240 History of Black America from 1863 HIS* G217 African-American History II
HIST G299 History of Puerto Rico HIS* G107 History of Puerto Rico
HIST G299 The Islamic World HIS* G256 The Islamic World
HIST G299 20th C Lat-Am-Carib Pol Mvmts HIS* G110 20th C Lat-Am-Carib Pol Mvmts
HS G104 Introduction to the Mental Health System HSE* G134 Intro to Mental Hlth Systems
HS G111 Introduction to Counseling in Human Services HSE* G101 Intro to Human Services
HS G203 Human Services Skills & Methods HSE* G243 Human Svcs Skills & Methods
HS G210 Topics in Mental Health HSE* G139 Topics in Mental Health
HS G212 Practicum in Mental Health HSE* G287 Practicum in Mental Health
HUM G275 Cultural Tour HUM* G112 Cultural Tour
HUM G299 Contemporary World Religions HUM* G297 Humanities Elective
ITAL G101 Elementary Italian I ITA* G101 Elementary Italian I
ITAL G102 Elementary Italian II ITA* G102 Elementary II
LAW G101 Introduction to Law Enforcement CJS* G101 Intro To Criminal Justice
LAW G102 Introduction to Juvenile Delinquency CJS* G202 Juvenile Delinquency
LAW G103 Introduction to Corrections CJS* G102 Intro To Corrections
LAW G104 Introduction to Constitutional Law CJS* G210 Constitutional Law
LAW G105 Introduction to Community-Oriented Policing CJS* G120 Police & the Community
LAW G106 Criminology CJS* G201 Criminology
LAW G107 Supervised Field Placement in Law Enforcement CJS* G290 Practicum In Criminal Jus
LTA G101 Introduction to Library Public Services LIB* G101 Intro to Library Public Svcs
LTA G102 Introduction to Library Technical Services LIB* G102 Intro to Catalog & Tech Svcs
LTA G103 Computers in Libraries LIB* G103 Computers in Libraries
LTA G104 Supervised Field Placement LIB* G202 Supervised Field Placement
LTA G105 Basic Information Sources LIB* G104 Intro to Reference Svcs
MATH G046 Fundamentals of Algebra MAT* G075 Prealgebra - Nnbr Sense Geom
New Course MAT* G094 Introductory Algebra
MATH G080 Basic Algebra MAT* G095 Elem Algebra Foundations
MATH G112 Comtemporary Mathematics MAT* G135 Topics in Contemporary Math
MATH G113 Trigonometry MAT* G181 Right Triangle Trigonometry
MATH G124 Probability and Statistics MAT* G167 Statistics with Technology-
MATH G131 Intermediate Algebra MAT* G137 Intermediate Algebra
MATH G133 Pre-Calculus MAT* G186 Precalculus
MATH G141 Applied Calculus MAT* G232 Applied Calculus
MATH G151 Calculus I MAT* G254 Calculus I
MATH G152 Calculus II MAT* G256 Calculus II
MATH G251 Calculus III MAT* G268 Calculus III: Multivariable
MATH G254 Elementary Differential Equations MAT* G285 Differential Equations
MATH G299 Number Systems MAT* G299 Independent Study in Math
MED G101 Laboratory Principles for Medical Assisting MED* G141 Lab Principles for Med Asstg
MED G102 Principles of Pharmacology MED* G250 Principles of Pharmacology
MED G103 Clinical Medical Assisting MED* G131 Clinical Medical Assisting
MED G104 Administrative Medical Assisting MED* G114 Admin Medical Office Asstg
MED G105 Externship in Medical Assisting MED* G280 Medical Assisting Externship
MED G106 Medical Law & Ethics for Health Professionals MED* G170 Law & Ethics For Hlth Prof
MED G107 Medical Transcription MED* G211 Intro to Transcription Skill
MED G108 Medical Insurance, Billing & Coding MED* G112 Medical Insurance & Billing
MED G110 Introduction to Medical Transcription MED* G110 Intro to Medical Transcription
MED G201 Laboratory Principles for Medical Assisting II MED* G241 Lab Principles of Med Asstg II
MED G204 Administrative Medical Assisting II MED* G214 Admin Medical Assisting II
MED G207 Medical Coding MED* G217 Medical Coding
MED G208 Principles of Health Insurance MED* G218 Principles of Health Insurance
MED G209 Computerized Medical Practice Management MED* G219 Computrzd Medical Practice Mgt
MGMT G101 Principles of Management BMG* G202 Principles of Management
MGMT G103 Internal Business Management BBG* G215 Global Business
MGMT G110 Introduction to Business BBG* G101 Intro to Business
MGMT G130 Small Business Management BES* G118 Small Business Management
MGMT G201 Human Resources Management BMG* G220 Human Resources Management
MGMT G211 Organization Behavior BMG* G210 Organizational Behavior
MGMT G299 Business & Technology Practicum BMK* G216 Internet Marketing
MKT G101 Principles of Marketing BMK* G201 Principles of Marketing
MKT G110 Retailing: Principles & Practices BMK* G103 Principles of Retailing
MKT G125 International Marketing BMK* G214 International Marketing
MKT G204 Sales & Promotion BMK* G221 Sales Management
MKT G299 Business & Technology Practicum BMK* G123 Principles of Customer Service
MUS G101 Music Appreciation MUS* G101 Music His & Appreciation I
MUS G102 Experiences in Music MUS* G119 Experiences In Music
MUS G103 Chorale I MUS* G171 Chorus I
MUS G104 Chorale II MUS* G172 Chorus II
MUS G202 Music in America MUS* G103 History of American Music
MUS G203 Music History:Early Christian Through Baroque MUS* G121 Mus Hist Surv - Anc/Med/Class
MUS G204 Music History: Classical Through Contemporary MUS* G102 Music His & Appreciation II
MUS G299 Special Topics Seminar MUS* G299 Special Topics In Music
NURS G101 Fundamentals of Nursing NSG* G101 Fundamental of Nursing
NURS G111 Family Health Nursing I NSG* G111 Family Health Nursing I
NURS G112 LPN to RN Bridge Course: Psychic Imbalance NSG* G122 LPN Transition
NURS G115 Family Health Nursing II NSG* G117 Family Health Nursing II
NURS G206 Family Health Nursing III NSG* G206 Family Health Nursing III
NURS G210 Family Health Nursing IV NSG* G210 Family Health Nursing IV
PHIL G101 Introduction to Philosophy PHL* G101 Intro to Philosophy
PHIL G102 Fundamentals of Logic PHL* G131 Logic
PHIL G103 Philosophy of Religion PHL* G150 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL G130 Ethics PHL* G111 Ethics
PHIL G140 American Philosophy PHL* G161 American Philosophy
PHIL G145 Existentialism PHL* G140 Existentialism
PHIL G299 Special Topics Seminar PHL* G199 Special Topics in Philosophy
PHYS G111 General Physics I PHY* G121 General Physics I
PHYS G112 General Physics II PHY* G122 General Physics II
PHYS G121 College Physics I PHY* G221 Calculus-Based Physics I
PHYS G122 College Physics II PHY* G222 Calculus-Based Physics II
PLSC G101 Introduction to Political Science POL* G101 Intro To Political Science
PLSC G201 American National Government POL* G111 American Government
PLSC G202 State & Local Government POL* G112 State & Local Government
PLSC G290 Practicum in Government POL* G291 Practicum in Government I
PLSC G291 " " " " POL* G292 Practicum in Government II
PLSC G299 Introduction to International Relations POL* G103 Intro To International Relat
PSY G101 General Psychology I PSY* G111 General Psychology I
PSY G102 General Psychology II PSY* G112 General Psychology II
PSY G120 Interpersonal Communication PSY* G104 Psych of Adjustment
PSY G130 Dynamics of Group Behavior PSY* G105 Group Dynamics
PSY G232 Child & Adolescent Development PSY* G204 Child & Adolescent Dev
PSY G233 Adult Development & Aging PSY* G208 Psych of Adult Dev & Aging
PSY G247 Psychology of the Work Place PSY* G247 Indust & Orgzational Psych
PSY G248 Psychology of Life/Career Planning PSY* G248 Psyc of Life/Career Planning
PSY G250 Psychology of Dying & Death PSY* G210 Death & Dying
PSY G252 Social Psychology PSY* G240 Social Psychology
PSY G253 Multicultural Issues in Psychology PSY* G253 Multicultural Issues in Psyc
PSY G255 Theories of the Personality PSY* G243 Theories of Personality
PSY G257 Male & Female: Psychology of Gender PSY* G256 Psychology of Men & Women
PSY G260 Abnormal Psychology PSY* G245 Abnormal Psychology
PSY G299 Psychology of Trauma PSY* G270 Psychology of Trauma
PT G101 Introduction to Physical Therapy PTA* G120 Intro To Physical Therapy
PT G102 Physical Therapy for Function PTA* G125 PT for Function
PT G106 Introduction to the Physical Therapy Clinic PTA* G220 Intro to the PT Clinic
PT G110 Physical Agents in Physical Therapy PTA* G230 Physical Agents In PT
PT G111 Kinesiology for Rehabilitation PTA* G235 Kinesiology For Rehab
PT G201 Therapeutic Exercise PTA* G250 Therapeutic Exercise
PT G202 Pathophysiology for Rehabilitation PTA* G253 Pathophysiology For Rehab
PT G210 Physical Therapy Assistant in the Healthcare Arena PTA* G258 PTA in the Health Care Arena
PT G211 Physical Therapy Seminar PTA* G260 Physical Therapy Seminar
PT G212 Physical Therapy Assistant Internship II PTA* G262 PTA Internship II
PT G213 Physical Therapy Assistant Internship III PTA* G265 PTA Internship III
RAD G101 Radiography Seminar I RAD* G101 Radiography Seminar I
RAD G102 Radiography Seminar II RAD* G190 Radiography Clinical I
RAD G103 Radiography Seminar III RAD* G102 Radiography Seminar II
RAD G104 Health Physics RAD* G115 Health Physics
RAD G105 Radiography Clinical II RAD* G191 Radiography Clinical II
RAD G106 Radiography Seminar III RAD* G103 Radiography Seminar III
RAD G107 Radiography Clinical III RAD* G192 Radiography Clinical III
RAD G108 Radiography Seminar IV RAD* G201 Radiography Seminar IV
RAD G109 Radiobiology RAD* G222 Radiobology & Protection
RAD G110 Radiography Clinical IV RAD* G288 Radiography Clinical IV
RAD G111 Radiography Seminar V RAD* G202 Radiography Seminar V
RAD G112 Radiography Clinical V RAD* G289 Radiography Clinical V
RAD G113 Radiography Clinical VI RAD* G290 Radiography Clinical VI
SCI G101 Introduction to Physical Science PSC* G101 Physical Science I
SCI G102 Introduction to Astronomy AST* G101 Principles of Astronomy
SCI G103 Introduction to Oceanography OCE* G101 Intro to Oceanography
SCI G110 Introduction to Environmental Science EVS* G100 Intro to Environmental Sci
SCI G115 Introduction to Earth Science EAS* G102 Earth Science
SCI G150 Science, Technology & Society SCI* G106 Science & Society
SCI G220 Science Seminar SCI* G195 Science Seminar
SOC G109 SOC* G109 Sociology of Women
SOC G150 History of American Labor LST* G101 History of American Labor
SOC G151 Collective Bargaining & the Organization of Labor LST* G103 Coll Barg & Labor Org
SOC G153 Community Organization SOC* G123 Community Organization
SOC G154 Labor and the Law LST* G105 Labor and the Law
SOC G155 The Arbitration Process LST* G107 The Arbitration Process
SOC G201 Introduction to Sociology SOC* G101 Principles of Sociology
SOC G202 Contemporary Social Problems SOC* G201 Contemporary Social Issues
SOC G205 Health and Aging SOC* G216 Health & Aging
SOC G207 Introduction to Social Welfare SOC* G217 Intro to Gerontology
SOC G230 Introduction to Social Welfare SOC* G235 Intro to Social Welfare
SOC G232 Minority Relations SOC* G117 Minorities in the US
SOC G236 Marriage and the Family SOC* G210 Sociology of the Family
SOC G251 Labor Administration & the Psychology of Leadership LST* G201 Lab Admin & Psych of Ldrshp
SOC G253 Sociology of the Workplace LST* G203 Sociology of the Workplace
SOC G255 Analysis and Writing of the Labor Agreement LST* G205 Ana & Wrtg of the Labor Agrm
SOC G257 Labor's Political Role LST* G207 Labor's Political Role
SOC G274 SOC* G274 Society Family & the Law
SOC G299 Women and Society SOC* G295 Honors Seminar in Sociology
SPAN G101 Elementary Spanish I SPA* G101 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN G101D Elementary Spanish I (Distance Learning) SPA* G101D Elem Spa I (Distance Learning)
SPAN G102 Elementary Spanish II SPA* G102 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN G102D Elementary Spanish II (Distance Learning) SPA* G102D Elem Spa II (Distnc Learning)
SPAN G105 Spanish for Medical Personnel SPA* G109 Span For Medical Personnel
SPAN G201 Intermediate Spanish I SPA* G201 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN G201D Intermediate Spanish I (Distance Learning) SPA* G201D Intermed Span I - Dist Learning
SPAN G202 Intermediate Spanish II SPA* G202 Intermediate Spanish II
THE G101 THR* G101 Introduction to Theater
WMT G110 Wastewater I WWT* G110 Wastewater I
WMT G112 Wastewater II WWT* G112 Wastewater II
WMT G114 Wastewater III WWT* G114 Wastewater III
WMT G116 Wastewater IV WWT* G116 Wastewater IV
WMT G210 Advanced Wastewater I WWT* G210 Advanced Wastewater I
WMT G212 Advanced Wastewater II WWT* G212 Advanced Wastewater II
WMT G214 Environmental Engineering ENV* G230 Env Control Processes
WMT G216 Environmental Law WMT* G216 Environmental Law