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Health Careers Department

The Health Careers Department conducts programs in Emergency Management Response, Emergency Medical Technology, Medical Assisting, Physical Therapist Assistant, Pre-Nursing and Radiological Technology.

The Programs in Health Careers are demanding in nature, requiring both academic and clinical components. Successful students will find many rewards in these helping professions. The Department is committed to learning as a lifeling process and to assisting students in developing skills that will enable them to access information for their practice long after graduation. The concept is essential, given the ever-changing health care climate.

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Degree Programs
Fire Technology and Administration
    Emergency Management Response Option
Medical Assisting
Medical Assisting: Insurance Option
Paramedic Studies
    Emergency Medical Services Instructor Option
    Emergency Management Response Option
Physical Therapist Assistant
Radiologic Technology
Certificate Programs
Fire Technology: Emergency Management Response
Health Science
Emergency Medical Services - Instructor
Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic
Emergency Medical Technician - Emergency Management

Medical Assisting
Mental Health Assistant



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