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Certificate Programs

Medical Assisting

Not accepting students at the present time.

This program provides education and training in administrative and clinical duties required for a Medical Assisting career. Course requirements for this program are sequenced to begin with essential skills before moving on to more complex skill mastery. Upon successful completion of course study, the student completes the program through a hands-on experience in the medical field (externship). Graduates of the program will possess entry-level competency in administrative and clinical areas and will qualify for career opportunities in physicians' offices, ambulatory care centers, laboratories, and hospitals. Program objectives are met through simulated clinical laboratory sessions, lecture courses and the externship.

It should be noted that individuals currently employed by medical facilities may qualify to register for the more advanced course offerings.

Graduates will have the opportunity to continue their education in one of the Medical Assisting Associate in Science Degree Programs.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. Clear and effective communication skills
  2. Entry-level competency in the performance of administrative duties
  3. Entry-level competency in the performance of clinical duties
  4. Application of legal concepts to health care practice
  5. Provision of patient instruction
  6. Participation in operational functions
Course of Study¹
 First Semester
Human Biology²
Medical Terminology²
Intro to Software Applications²
Law & Ethics for Health Careers
 Second Semester
Principles of Pharmacology²
Clinical Medical Assisting
Lab Principles of Medical Assisting
Administrative Medical Office Assisting
 Upon Completion of the Above Courses
Medical Assisting Externship
 Minimum Credits Required for the Certificate

¹ Click on the Course# for course description,
pre-requisites and additional information.

++These courses must be taken in the 1st semester of the certificate program.

**Prerequisites: American Red Cross Certification in CPR and first Aid, and a minimum grade of C in the following courses: MED*141, MED*131, and MED*114.



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