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Gerontology (Certificate Program)

Social Service

Gerontology is the study of physical, psychological and social aspects of the aging process and the application of methods and techniques to enhance the lives of older persons . This program prepares students for employment in aging or agingrelated professions . In addition, there is a commitment to provide students with a general educational experience consisting of skills and knowledge that focus on assisting others, understanding the different dimensions of the aging process, and preparing for the later life cycle .

Students are now able to earn their Gerontology certificate exclusively online, fully on campus, or take advantage of both by choosing to take some courses online and others in the classroom

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. Scientific process and methods used in studying aging process
  2. Key concepts and empirical principles of gerontology
  3. Biological and theoretical models used to understand the aging process
  4. Characteristics of the elderly-myths vs . reality
  5. Experience of growing old in an industrialized society
  6. Relevant issues and programs involving older persons
  7. Impact of economic, socio-cultural and political factors on gerontological policy
  8. Values and ethics that guide gerontologists in practice and policy
  9. Professional codes of ethics
  10. Death, dying and the grieving process
  11. End of life decisions
  12. Multicultural and global views of the aging process
Course of Study¹
Introduction to Human Services OR
Human Service Skills and Methods
Introduction to Gerontology
Practicum / Mental Health
Dying and Death OR
Psychology of Adult Developing and Aging
Health and Aging
Human Biology OR
Basic Biology
General Psychology
Principles of Sociology
Minorities in the U.S. OR
Multicultural Issues in Psychology
Total Credit: 27-28
* BIO*100 Basic Biology is required for students choosing the certificate exclusively online

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pre-requisites and additional information.

Students who wish to transfer should consult a counselor regarding whether the free elective chosen will transfer to a specific institution.

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