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Certificate Programs


Designed for students who want a concentration in the area of management and management-related subjects. This may be used to further their present careers or to augment a degree already held in a different subject area. Credits earned can be used for transfer into the Associate in Science Degree Management Program or as transfer credits to other institutions.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate basic knowledge of management, human resources, marketing, accounting, business law and CIS in a management position or business ownership
  2. Demonstrate a responsible attitude in relationships with employers, fellow employees, teams and the internal and external organizational influences
  3. Solve mathematical problems related to various aspects of management including accounting, finance, and operations
  4. Understand and practice the four managerial functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling, as well as the nature and responsibilities of the changing roles of managers
  5. Develop an understanding of the decision-making process and demonstrate effective, ethical and legal decision-making
  6. Develop a working knowledge of a marketing plan, including target market, segmentation, sales, advertising, promotions and public relations
  7. Demonstrate an ability to define management problems, examine alternatives, decide on the best course of action, and submit a written report to higher management
  8. Develop a personal philosophy of management, enabling the graduate student to perform as a manager, coach, leader, staff specialist or as a team member
  9. Develop an understanding of the nature of change, how to manage change and how to adapt to the accelerating global environment
  10. Demonstrate a knowledge and use of technological innovations as they apply to management
  11. Develop an ability to interpret and choose the appropriate follow-up on management information from various sources such as financial statements, annual reports and publications
  12. Demonstrate an understanding of the competitive pressures brought by effectiveness, efficiency and innovation issues on organizations
Course of Study¹
Principles of Accounting I
Principles of Accounting II
Intro to Software Applications
Principles of Management
Organizational Behavior
Human Resource Management
Principles of Marketing
MAT* ___
Mathematics Elective

¹ Click on the Course# for course description,
pre-requisites and additional information.




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