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5.8 Embedded Thoughts: Review & Practice

Review & Practice

This Review and Practice exercise is an opportunity for you to test your understanding of what you have studied in Chapter 5: Embedded Thoughts. There are two parts to this exercise: this first part can be scored by the computer. In the second part, you can compare your work to answers suggested by the computer.

If you have already done the first part, you can skip to the second part by clicking here.

A dependent word introduces a dependent clause.

In the space provided, write the dependent word.

1. Basil was a good friend until he bought that jeep.
2. Although we objected strongly, he became obsessed with hunting.
3. When he comes home now, even his wife barely recognizes him.
4. I hope that this is just one of his temporary crazes.
5. Before he began this safari kick, he was hooked on dirt bikes.

One kind of verbal, the infinitive, looks like this: to + base form of verb.

In the space provided, write the infinitive form found in each sentence. Remember that there are two words in every infinitive.

6. I want to get your help with these decisions.
7. You can't expect me to pack all this stuff by myself
8. I have a tendency to save everything.
9. It's against my nature to throw anything away.
10. This box is already too heavy to lift.

Another kind of verbal, the present participle or gerund, looks like this: -ing form of verb with no auxiliary in front.

In the space provided, write the -ing form found in each sentence.

11. Watching you get ready for this interview, I think of Tacho.
12. His fidgeting with his buttons and tie always amused me.
13. Your grinning face looks so much like his today.
14. I can just imagine his influence hovering over you.
15. Walking in his footsteps, you make me proud.

The last kind of verbal looks like this: past participle of verb with no auxiliary in front.

In the space provided, write the past participle that appears in each sentence.

16. Wakened by the thunder, Grisha looked for her flashlight.
17. Her frightened cat followed her around the room.
18. A branch broken by the wind scratched the roof.
19. Grisha grabbed her sweater draped over a chair.
20. She rushed down the darkened hallway to the baby's room.

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