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2.7 Verbs: Irregular Verbs

Application 20

Here are the answers for Application 19, which shows the simple past forms of irregular verbs. After each simple past form, there is now a space in which you should write a verb string combining has or have with the past participle of each verb. As you will see, some of the past participles will be spelled the same as the simple past forms, but others will be different. The first one is done for you.

After Thanksgiving, the wind blew has blown through the alleys and froze the puddles of dirty dishwater which the tenants threw there every night. Winter brought tensions to the neighborhood because most of the money the people made at work went for heat. With what was left, they paid the rent and bought what food they could. Prices rose every few months. Those who kept their jobs between Christmas and June were the lucky ones. The rest led anxious and dangerous lives; some stole , some ran shady businesses, and others just lay down to wait till spring. Those of us who grew up in such alleys became capable of reading stories in people's faces--messages and meanings which the rich never saw at all.

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