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2.7 Verbs: Irregular Verbs

Application 19

Complete the following paragraph, using the simple past form of the verb in {fancy brackets} after each space. Write only one word in each space. The first one is done for you.

After Thanksgiving, the wind blew {to blow} through the alleys and {to freeze} the puddles of dirty dishwater which the tenants {to throw} there every night. Winter {to bring} tensions to the neighborhood because most of the money the people {to make} at work {to go} for heat. With what was left, they {to pay} the rent and {to buy} what food they could. Prices {to rise} every few months. Those who {to keep} their jobs between Christmas and June {to be} the lucky ones. The rest {to lead} anxious and dangerous lives; some {to steal}, some {to run} shady businesses, and others just {to lie} down to wait till spring. Those of us who {to grow} up in such alleys {to become} capable of reading stories in people's faces--messages and meanings which the rich never {to see} at all.

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