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13.5 Pronouns: Subject and Object Forms of Pronouns

Application 5

The sentences below (taken from Application 4) now have compound subjects. Replace the antecedent shown in parentheses with the appropriate pronoun.

Example: ______ (my son) and his friends enjoyed every exhibit at the county fair.
He and his friends enjoyed every exhibit at the county fair.

Yesterday Felix and (the speaker) took my seven-year-old sister to the arcade. Her friend and (my sister) thought it was some kind of paradise. It was amazing to see how (my sister) and Brenda could beat me at Space Invaders. Your girlfriend and (the person being spoken to) wouldn't believe how fast those little hands could move. My friends gathered around, and (friends) and the arcade owner just watched and cheered for half an hour. Then Emmie and (the speaker) took my sister home for supper. My parents worry about her fascination with video games, but (parents) and Brenda's family can't help being sort of proud, too. My father admits that even (father) and Mr. Cherry can't top my sister's hand-eye coordination. Our brother wants to break her record, so (my brother) and his tough-looking buddies must practice at the arcade in his free time. My parents and (speaker) just laugh at him, though, because my sister is clearly unbeatable.

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