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11.5 Final -s: Using Final -s for Present Tense Verbs

Application 16

Turn the first five sentences into negative statements, and the last five into questions, using the simple present tense of each verb. Include do or does in each sentence. In the space provided after the first five sentences, write only the verbs that are required for these changes. Use contractions where appropriate and include the "n't."

Change to negative statements

1. I watch for the changes. I for the changes.

2. My brother watches from his own angle. My brother from his own angle.

3. He hopes to discover new evidence. He to discover new evidence.

4. You hope for a clue. You for a clue.

5. The moody woman around the corner hopes for a clue. The moody woman around the corner for a clue.

For these last five sentences, include the subject in your response. Substitute pronouns wherever that is possible. Change to questions:

6. She hopes for one very day. for one very day?

7. The caged bird sings along with you. along with you?

8. You sing along with it. along with it?

9. They dance in the rain. in the rain?

10. That cranky old gentleman dances all night. all night?

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