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11.5 Final -s: Using Final -s for Present Tense Verbs

Application 14

Fill each blank with the present perfect tense form of the verb given in parentheses after the blank. Use has or have plus the past participle form of the main verb

to work

1. You on that suit for a long time.

2. The two new tailors on it from time to time, too.

3. In the same period of time, I on three dresses.

4. Maybe my sewing machine better than yours this week.

5. Oiling it every day all its kinks out.

to begin

6. I my daily exercises, right here on the bus.

7. Someone in the back seat to laugh.

8. The people sitting in front of me to turn around.

9. The bus driver his speech about staying seated.

10. You to be embarrassed about sitting next to me.

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