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Career Development and Placement Center

Room 209 - (860) 906 5108

Students are encouraged to be involved in career planning activities from the beginning of their studies at Capital . The following are suggestions for students based upon the number of semesters you have been at the college:

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An internship is either a paid or non-paid, part-time or full-time job, in an area related to your studies. Some internships offer academic credit and others are non-credit.

Internships greatly enhance your learning experience and your marketability in the job market. Students who choose to do an internship have an advantage when seeking employment because they have a proven track record in the area they wish to be employed in. In addition, they gain feedback from experienced mentors who can also provide letters of recommendation.

Career Development Resources

Help is a Phone Call Away...

  • Education and Employment Hotline
    (860) 566-8118
    Not a placement service, but a valuable clearinghouse of information
  • Job Search for Health Care - Job Search Management Software and Databases
    (800) JOBS-123, extension 100
  • Corporation for Health Education Careers
    Provides consultation services for career planning in the health professions.
    Contact Rose Sgarlat Myers, PT, Ph.D, CAE, President at (800) 305-CHEC
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