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Bridges to the Baccalaureate

Bridges to the Baccalaureate is a partnership between Capital Community College, the University of Connecticut Health Center (UCHC) and the University of Connecticut to facilitate the Capital & UConn - Bridges to the Baccalaureate Programtransfer of minority students from the community college to the University of Connecticut to earn a baccalaureate degree in a scientific field.

View the video interview of
Stacha Campbell (left) - a former
Capital student now attending UConn
as part of the "Bridges" program.

The program provides both employment and mentoring in an academic, research setting at UCHC. Students accepted into the program will be placed in a research laboratory at UCHC to work for 10 hours per week at $10 per hour for a total salary of $5,500.

Participants are required to enroll in Biology* 216 Discoveries in Modern Bioscience, a 3 credit course offered at CCC during the Fall semester. Enrollment is mandatory for all Bridges participants and is also open to all matriculated students who have fulfilled the prerequisite of either Bio* 105 General Biology or Bio* 211 Anatomy and Physiology I.

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Application Procedure

Applications are accepted throughout the academic year and are reviewed on a “rolling” basis. The Bridges Application Review Committee is composed of faculty from the Dept. of Science and Mathematics and Counseling Office at CCC. Based on grades of courses taken for academic credit, two recommendations and essay, the committee recommends well-qualified applicants to the Bridges Advisory Committee at UCHC for further consideration. To be eligible, the applicant must:

  • Be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident capable of legal employment.
  • Be an individual considered by NIH to be underrepresented in biomedical or behavioral research including, but not limited to, African American, Native American, Hispanic American and native of the U.S. Pacific Islands.
  • Be at least 16 years of age.
  • Be able to work for at least 10 hours per week in a research laboratory at UCHC while a participant in the program, attend mandatory training sessions at UCHC, and attend a monthly research progress meeting.
  • Have an interest in attending the University of Connecticut to earn a Baccalaureate in a scientific discipline.
  • Be a student taking courses for academic credit at CCC.
  • Enroll in and successfully complete Bio* 216 while a participant in the program.
  • Submit an official CCC transcript, two letters of recommendation and application with essay. In the essay, the applicant must describe their background, goals, motivation, scientific career interests and reasons for wishing to participate in the program.

View/Print/Download the Application

Application materials should be submitted to:

Professor Paul F. Whitehead
Program Coordinator, Bridges to the Baccalaureate
Capital Community College
950 Main Street, Room 909
Hartford, Ct. 06103

View the video interview of
Prof. Paul Whitehead - The "Bridges" Program Coordinator for Capital Community College.

Health Career Opportunity Programs, UCHC

Capital Community College (CCC) students with an interest in the Sciences who are selected to participate in the Bridges to Baccalaureate Program will have access to the Health Career Opportunity Programs of the University of Connecticut, Schools of Medicine and Dental Medicine. The purpose of these programs is to enhance the preparation for college and to develop scientific, mathematical, communications, problem-solving and test-taking skills for minority students.

For more information on these opportunities, click here.

BIO*216 - Discoveries in Modern Bioscience

Discoveries in Modern Bioscience is a 3 credit seminar-style course offered during the Fall semester at CCC. Successful completion is required of all participants in the Bridges program.

The objective of the course is to acquaint students with the findings of a variety of biomedical research areas and demonstrate how these findings were arrived at and evaluated. The course will 1) provide a broad exposure to basic biological and technological progress, from the molecular level of organization to that of the whole organism and, 2) furnish a foundation for understanding the premises of research, which include establishing an hypothesis, designing a research project, performing experiments, and collecting and analyzing data. A section on modern methodology is included.

Classes are lead by faculty from the University of Connecticut Health Center and Dept. of Science and Mathematics, CCC.

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