Basic Elements of a Resume

  1. Your name, address, city, state & phone numbers where you can be reached (include area code). Indicate temporary as well as permanent address.
  2. A job title or objective which applies to the work you seek.
  3. A detailed record of your educational background. Use school's complete name; don't abbreviate. List degree, major, and month and year the degree was/will be awarded. Indicate grade point average if it is over 3.0. Indicate memberships, club activities, leadership positions, internships, special courses in your major area, academic honors and achievements.
  4. A detailed record of your employment history from most recent to least recent including dates, names of employers, city and state, your title, responsibilities and tasks.
  5. A record of your special accomplishments.
  6. Relevant professional memberships or record of military services.
  7. Additional Information: It is not necessary to list such personal data as height, weight, age, marital status and health. Do include:

Languages: If your knowledge of a foreign language is important for a particular position, use a separate section and indicate your level of expertise, e.g. "fluent in" or "working knowledge of".

Travel: The same rule applies; if it is important for a particular position use a separate section or combine the information with your language section.

Special Skills: List such skills as computer programming ability.

Special Interests or Hobbies: Items listed here can be used to help break the ice in an interview. Only include items in which you have a serious interest; this is not a filler section.

Citizenship: If you are a foreign national and have your Permanent Resident Visa, be sure to indicate this. Otherwise, omit your citizenship unless you wish to return to your native country.

Where space permits, a statement to the effect that your references and any samples of your work are available upon request.

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