Questions For The Informational Interview

Personal Background:


Present Job:

Prior Experiences:

Career Future:

Life Style:

Advice To Me:

Hiring Decisions:

If you were to hire someone to work with you today, which of the following factors would be most important in your hiring decision and why?

Referral To Others:



Getting Referrals

Mr. Smith, I appreciate the time we spent together today, but very frankly, more than our time, I value our discussion of XYZ (some particular that you discussed).
What I'd like to be able to do at this point in time is to continue this process and talk to other people like yourself to get their perspective on how I might use my experience, my skills, my background (etc.) within their particular type of organization.
Now, Mr. Smith, when I talk with these people, I certainly don't expect them to have a position for me - I won't even expect them to know of one. but this type of meeting is very helpful to me. It allows me to obtain much sharper focus on my particular objectives - it allows me to understand industries better - (etc.)
Mr. Smith, who do you know someone that I can talk with to obtain additional information?
Earlier in our discussion, Mr. Smith, you mentioned that you could see me holding X position within your firm. That type of position really interests me, and I'd like to obtain more detailed information (particulars, specifics) on it. Who heads that department within your firm? I'd like to sit down and chat with him - etc.

Handling "phone call for you" offers: (Mr. Smith offers to phone some people for me and get back to me)

You know, Mr. Smith, I really appreciate your offer and if you could do that before I sit down and chat with them, I'd really be grateful. But before you make that call, I'd like to be able to sit down, compose a brief letter, and send it off with my resume so they will have some idea of what I'm doing and then follow up my letter with a phone call. now, I'll be calling these people in about 7 to 10 days, so if you could wait 3 or 4 days to call them yourself, I'd appreciate it. Now, Mr. Smith, who were you thinking of calling for me?

Dear ,
I'm in the process of researching my career expansion plans. I was recently talking with several key people in(regarding) the (insurance, for example) industry who felt that you would be an excellent source of information in the field of .
Please understand, Mr. I do not expect you to have an appropriate opportunity for me or even know of one. However, because of your background and experience, I would appreciate your comments and any suggestions you might offer.
I'm very interested in the field of because (mention insights/information given in other interview and highlight your own skills briefly that would qualify you for that field).
I really know you have a busy schedule, and I will phone you on (Monday April 19) to arrange a brief meeting.
Very truly yours,


Take it with you to present during meeting: "As you can see from my resume, my objective etc. - give NOW.

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